• John Kilar
    January 18, 2012 · Photography · 0 Comments

    John Kilar

    25 year old photographer, John Kilar, uses his camera to document the culture and environment that directly surrounds him. He currently lives in Venice Beach, California and we got the chance to ask…

  • Paul Phung

    Paul Phung

    “I believe my work is a true representation of who I am,” says Paul Phung, the 24 year old, London based photographer.   Paul went to school at Leeds College of Art &…

  • Jesse Jacobs
    October 24, 2011 · Photography · 0 Comments

    Jesse Jacobs

    Jesse Jacobs has been featured in numerous blogs and magazines, but that is not what drew our attention to his work. We were attracted to Jesse’s photography, and the images that he creates…

    October 16, 2011 · Graphic Design, Typography · 0 Comments


    This is something that really gets me excited. Typography! I don’t know the real reason why it makes me so happy to see well designed font & graphic imagery, but it just does….

Latest Entries
Liza Mandelup
September 5, 2012 · Photography · 0 Comments

Liza Mandelup

According to Liza Mandelup’s twitter page (@mandeloop) she “makes stuff”. That is so accurate to what we have seen from her work, because it seems like she is always documenting and making art…

“Youth In Fashion” by Ryan Cobleigh
November 15, 2011 · Fashion · 0 Comments

“Youth In Fashion” by Ryan Cobleigh

We are doing something different today on nouvellesblog.com. We asked Ryan Cobleigh to write us an article on “youth in fashion“, and he came up with something factual, creative, and current (those are…

Supakitch & Koralie
October 15, 2011 · Art, Video · 0 Comments

Supakitch & Koralie

Supakitch and Koralie are two reasons that I love NYC. They are a team of French street artists, now living life in the Big Apple. I’m not sure what brings people to this…


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